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This blog is posted by Michelle Lynn Ross. Ms. Ross teaches Digital Photography and Jewelry at Downers Grove South High School. This blog is about making a blog related to photography. The purpose of this blog is to help students learn to self reflect, critique, share interests, and gain art appreciation. This photo blog offers inspiration for assignments, helpful hints, tutorials, and some fun stuff that reflects my interests.

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Portrait series by ceramicist Alice Couttoupes, 2013-2014

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Kurt Caviezel

Nice Disorder

Those Images are impaired by electronic transmission errorswhich become 
 on the mediated perception of the world as a nice disorder and take 
on an irksome or 
interesting and pictographic life of their own.
In the upper
 part of the image you look at a photograph in the lower one 
you look at software.


Finding the Drama of Light and Shadow in Tehran with @f64s125

For more of Ako’s street images from Tehran, follow @f64s125 on Instagram.

In the nooks and crannies of Tehran’s streets, photojournalist Ako Salemi (@f64s125) finds the moments when light, shadow, environment and people all come together in exquisite balance. “Sometimes I shoot just from the hip,” says Ako, “and sometimes I wait for ‘the decisive moment’ when the action, the light and all other elements make the right composition.”

Ako’s passion for black and white images began at an early age when he discovered a love for the classic films of Alfred Hitchcock, Billy Wilder, and Ingmar Bergman. He even graduated with a degree in drama hoping to be a filmmaker. But it was his shy demeanor and introverted character that led him to realize that he is better suited to what he calls “an art that can be made in solitude.”

Ako began expressing his visual ideas through photography and for the past two years has turned to Instagram to share his vision of street life in Tehran. “It’s as if I am having a non-judgmental dialogue with each of these Instagram friends that could not be expressed in words. I’m showing a piece of my city’s life and a piece of me.”


by danielbarthphotography

Chicago, 1963, Bruce Davidson


Chicago, 1963, Bruce Davidson

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Ben Watts

Big Up

Big Up is an impressive array of portraits featuring rappers, actors, boxers, dancers, skateboarders, children, and other street characters. London-born photographer Ben Watts started this collection in 1990 when he came to New York from the Sydney College of Arts. Fascinated by the faces and energy of New York’s urban youth culture, the book started as a collection of personal snapshots that continued to build over a dozen years.

And the title? “Big Up is a Jamaican expression used in dancehall music to give respect”, Emil Wilbekin explains in the forward. The book’s design pays full homage to the subjects by matching their completely cool aesthetic, the stylized pages scrawling with sharpie notes, ticket stubs, tape and other mixed media. Big Up was published in 2003 through Princeton Architectural Press. 

Ben Watts is a regular contributor to publications such as Interview magazine, The New York Times, Rolling Stone, and Vibe. His work can regularly be seen in advertisements for Nike, Polo Ralph Lauren, Kodak, Sony Music, and several other iconic American companies.


Photography by Nerea Martinez de LeceaStunning

Nerea Martinez de Lecea is an award-winning interdisciplinary artist based in Wales who works predominantly in video and photography. Through her images, Nerea maps territories which lie within a realm of borderline experiences, where the foreign has become home and the well known has become strange.

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Paper art by Lynn Skordal

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Finding Art in the Everyday with Israel’s @dudibensimon

To view more photos and videos of Dudi’s everyday art, follow @dudibensimon on Instagram

"While sitting on the couch, I saw a pile of bowls on the counter; it looked to me like a sleeve. The next day I took a picture of it,” says Tel Aviv creative director Dudi Ben Simon (@dudibensimon).

Dudi says his inspired by the people and everyday objects around him, such as his niece, a friend with great shoes and a blue-haired coworker. “Since studying history of art at school I was fascinated with what can be made by using objects and daily pieces when they are disconnected from their original use,” he explains.

Often an idea is born “in a matter of minutes,” Dudi says, and adds that he is guided by his feelings towards something with little planning ahead. “A year ago I purchased a plate with a black swan image that I had been dying to take a picture of but couldn’t find an idea,” says Dudi. “One morning, I opened the fridge and in front of me I saw some green beans—I took the photo that second before I left to work. I also take the photos on the same table or hardwood floor. It amazes me how different it turns out every time.”


Bruce Evans

Suburban Noir

1. Heads Up

2. Home Coming

3. Good Neighbors

4. Illumination

5. Suburban Mushrooms

6. The Key

7. Morning Paper


Elliott Erwitt - New York, USA (1974)


Elliott Erwitt - New York, USA (1974)